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tuated. Marked sclerosis was noted in all the peripheral arteries. The

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shorter time before death been clamoroaj for food but had been refused.

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creased expenditure of money time and effort on the

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enabled to promptly issue and increase their excellent line of medical pub

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the psychic levels the reactions in all of which come to

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four drachms of sodium chloride and one half drachm

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determined that if the accidents caused by the use of

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began to show symptoms of irritation. Examination of the eye showed

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In addition to the advantages of the preparations the

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so fatiguing he is not inclined to try it again. An

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Biology and Allied Sciences 30 000 Medical Words Pronounced and

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tracted a severe grippe infection of the nares. These

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epidemic of mumps in the institution which included

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curved piece of capillary tubing with two arms. The long arms

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most frequently from chronic calloused gastric ulcer

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tinct bacilli which closely resemble the B. typhosus

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streptococci in twos and threes or in single cells

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lies behind the artery. The triangle also contains fat

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from the book of Reference to the preparations aided

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blance to Biot s breathing. For a short period the patient does

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states. This train will leave Chicago on Sunday afternoon June 3 passing

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granite the lung substance is softer and more triable

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of transversely striated muscular fibers which differ

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tution the patient had been up and about insisting that

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It appears that the leukocytes are increased in number in the blood by

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most incredible. Bidwell states that in seven cases of hemorrhage so

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within the intermolecular spaces of the insoluble pow

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are known to produce small infarcts. It is however

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to some extent the isolating rooms for diphtheria. In

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children. Children below par will attract attention

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operated and removed an enterolith that was resting on the ileal side of

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In regard to the statement that the history of cancer dates only from

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marked elevation of both the systolic and diastolic pres

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solid. The general arrangement will depend upon size

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This report will appear in a future issue of the Journal

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in all except clearly operable cases should be done as a

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a few occasions took but little nourishment and ran a

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