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conditions and in forms of infective heart disease

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taken to make standards which shall cover the follow

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the presence of pneumococci but no tubercle bacilli.

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and exhaustion. If the adrenals determined the driving

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would not be void of danger to health if not to life.

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bacco et al. and realize that here we have definite

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chorioepithelioma. The speaker considered the Abder

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relation to the jaws fauces amp c. necessarily draws

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tained by the use of the older style of tube were in a

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continued during the day with increased frequency and violence and were

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fering from cardiovascular renal disease were sensi

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the forty animals injected in contrast to an average

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arises from the plains thus insuring an even temperature which does not

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the surface of the skin. The smaller ones had a ten

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author s own extensive clinical experience makes the

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ducts becomes less intense and the orgasrn is either

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fore the American Climatological and Clinical Associa

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highly sensitive urethra treatment may be facilitated

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the physiologists has led to many strange and imaginary ideas regarding

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plications as suppurative orchitis abscess in spleen

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could be exchanged. This change could be attained without any loss of

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illuminating gas will in two minutes kill the adult Anopheles and will likely

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were only 814 viz. 349 whites and 465 blacks 115 be

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form was in contact with the peritoneum for any number of hours.

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died for their country might yield a further sacrifice

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cologist to the Buffalo General and Erie County Hospitals. Series

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frequency with which this happens however there has

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moderate increase of systolic blood pressure seems to

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but soon appreciates that the mechanism of defecation is sufficiently disor

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doctor is to ensure rest and sleep without bringing upon his patient worse

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an ample circular flap from the vaginal sheath of the

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the specialties. If an ordinary army surgeon perhaps

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The Summit County Medical Society met at Akron on September 4.

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thinks will some time be proved to be that of cause and

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vance for six months or a year. Subscriptions received

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All efforts to remove the deleterious substances from the serum have

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the new building will be erected upon the present site of the hospital.

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rise to pain and extreme sensitiveness. These pecu

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there were marked flexor contractures of both upper

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strict dietic regimen it might possibly be six or seven

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been necessary at frequent intervals before operation

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certificate shall be guilty of a misdemeanor defines

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include the provision that all who at that date had been practising medicine

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children between the ages of 14 and 16 unfitted for their

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my report I asked for the co operation of hospitals

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it is located in areas inaccessible to operation as the

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nipples immersed in a solution of boric acid. The best

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past history unimportant. Date of infection Jan. 31

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cases cultured before the crisis and 53 per cent of

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should be no less so to the physician. It is hei e that

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if the drug acts only by virtue of its concentration.

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tals of AsjOj or green particles of Paris green. The

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anterior wall of the esophagus near the bifurcation of the trachea. They

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due to the eating of watermelons. The history of such

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out that if the criminal problem is one of treatment

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The main advantages of percentage feeding may be secured when milk

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ficulty to the surgeon who is not accustomed to the use

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