Octopus Tattoo Meaning

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Octopus Tattoo

Octopus Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Octopus Tattoo Meaning

The octopus tattoo has grown a staggering amount in popularity over recent years. In fact, the octopus is being inked on so many people currently that soon it will be one of the worlds most worn tattoos but why? Well, not only is the octopus extremely fashionable and undoubtedly beautiful, it also holds several very special meanings to the wearer.

Octopus tattoos can be seen on men and women all across the globe. They come in all different shapes and sizes but the most effective octopus tattoos are usually very big and in full color. Although octopus tattoos have not quite reached the popularity of other aquatic animals in the tattoo world, they will be a favorite of tattoo fanatics everywhere for years to come.

Man Octopus Tattoo

Man Octopus Tattoo

A Male Wearing An Octopus Tattoo – Tattoos with Meaning

Perhaps the most obvious meaning behind the octopus tattoo is the image itself. It is mesmerizing, slightly chilling and if you have ever seen an octopus you will know that its movements are hypnotizing. It could be said that these exact same features say a lot about the wearer of the octopus tattoo.

The octopus tattoo is one of those tattoos with meaning that is beautiful in every way. The complexity of the design, the diversity of the octopus’s persona and the mystical illusion all add to the tattoos characteristics. These features are associated with the octopus for several reasons. In ancient mythology the number 8 is used as a major significance in a lot of stories, in some cultures it is believed that 8 legged animals such as spiders and octopus are one of the few survivors of those times. These stories are were the octopus’s mystical appearance came from.

Femel Octopus Tattoo

Femel Octopus Tattoo

Octopus Tattoos Can Be Very Artistic and Sexy – Tattoos with Meaning

Here at tattoos with meaning we believe this is the genuine symbol behind the octopus tattoo. The real octopus tattoo meaning comes from its ability to grow back limbs. Much like humans octopus adapt to the conditions they are in. If they are in a tough situation then octopus will use their brain and respond intelligently much like a human would. The moral of the story? That much like octopus humans can learn to disengage things in their life that are not needed anymore. Bad habits and addictions can all be changed. We like octopus, can adapt to new surroundings and change with the times.

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15 Responses to “Octopus Tattoo Meaning”

  1. Amanda Meier says:

    uh yes thank u for putting my exact thoughts into words they're absolutely beautiful n complex.n r able to go with the flow of changes.

  2. Umm thank you! Nobody else seems to understand why I'm getting an Octopus tattoo.

  3. I am getting an octopus tattoo, because it shows strength and regrowth. I am growing every minute of every day, and I get a little bit stronger hour by hour.Plus, I need to let a lot of things go, and that's something Octopi are known for. <3

  4. Ian Weglarz says:

    I'm thinking of one day getting a black and grey octopus on my throat :)

  5. Jessica says:

    I’m getting an octopus tattoo because I think it’s a great symbol of devotion by a mother. And- they are gorgeous in real life and everything that way said about the way they move, they are truly intriguing.

  6. RealG4Life Anaya says:

    Well for all of u getting an octopus tattoo,I definetly support u all.I like surfing,& also fishing.I know for a fact that octopus are very smart,powerfull & wise.Thats an amimal I admire,& like very much,Im getting an octopus tattoo coming diwn from my left shoulder to my left pectoral &just the same on the other side but a squid simulating a underwater war.Well take care everyone,Whats up Sunshine Martinez.

  7. Amber Buta says:

    nope, you're wrong, it just said so in the article that you are commenting on. That octopi regrow tentacles.

  8. I love my octopus tattoo. I am currently in the process of disengagement of certain things in life. so this was a perfect tat.

  9. Donny Green says:

    I'm getting mine this week. It means to me strength. And letting go of bad situation. And re growth I have been. Searching for the. Main piece. Of my sleeve. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. The octopus…

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