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and certain additional precautions were instituted. For
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tion is much improved. The tongue remains free of coating and her bowels
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months on an average elapsed after the presence of a
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sequently he was noisy and restless for a few days and
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She has been admitted twelve times to the alcoholic
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becomes cancer but every ulcer is potentially cancer.
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eventful recovery. Her joints are now almost normal
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the typhus bacillus. In the first case the blood culture
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perfectly satisfied. Rice eggs macaroni blanc mange thickened soups
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the right place but of course this was impossible ana
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not with the most persistent effort be lifted from its position. To operate
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as soon as possible. Atropine applied to the eyes some
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ally the degree of ionization was increased by dilution.
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ence of eosinophiles and basophilic varieties was a ood
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Franco Prussian war 3.5 while in the present conflict
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burgh conferred the degree of doctor of laws on Dr.
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agent for treating tuberculosis was discovered their
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standing of the more fundamental facts in regard to
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er purpose and that the payment of damages due to the
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prominent and the lids somewhat edematous. There was some swelling of
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motto of the doctor s practice. It was not always real
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pressure. The sign was uniformly lacking in children
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consulted by soldiers concerning this symptom they assuring me that they
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the medical inspector or to the principal every pupil
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wise reactions would not have been obtained against the
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instance out of many constructed the following remarkable phrase The
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ficiently and if necessary to provide grants toward
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that the real cause was not recognized until revealed
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follow that the distortion of the shadow cast by the
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cases to his own clinic for observation. From these
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This year 1899 1900 it was decided to undertake the examination of
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lections of cases did there appear to be any definite
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neck. Ate only when urged but took sufficient food.
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moid and did an anastomosis with catgut and silk. She has made complete
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the peritoneum was then quickly closed followed by a
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are relieved by an occasional pollution. As a result

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