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point. The third point also would be fulfilled if we

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answer all the needs of the American student never

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gave zest to this idea until some time later Spiegel

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has no knowledge of the expulsion of the fetus and denies having made

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anatomy and deserve a name that they are an intricate

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the blood by way of the intestinal canal. The chain

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their own salvation as they too often were. Careful

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The use of the nasal douche in the prevention of the

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thought of suicide. She describes her condition as fol

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Street corner of Franklin Street or at the Bookstore

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of this syphilitic afl ection and its appropriate treat

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of the temperature had begun and this fall continued unaffected by food.

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quently. After operation the disease always promptly

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cal and psychical overexertion. In a small proportion

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W Moebiuis.Ign insufficiency of convergence in the act of

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Optics Retinoscopy the Fitting of Spectacles and Eye Glasses etc.

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tient s past history of lack of luetic infection enabled us

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hard or light pressure pin prick scratch camel hair

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vinced that from an institutional standpoint we must

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vomiting. Until after operation she had no disturb

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ligaments and serous enclosures are pulled upon and dragged. What an

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must be thrown in through the closet seat which may

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ways an exciting factor. 8. Though I have not prac

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groove in the place of the excised spinous processes.

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perimental clinical or pathological data that absolutely

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tinctly seen passing over their perfectly smooth sur

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of Columbian University Washington D. C and in the University of

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a possible factor. Hysterical meningitis had been men

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Field. There will be a hospital for the treatment of

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the sjTnptoms were very definite and one could note

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classes who needed such care they would make a sub

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tensor palati aponeurosis divided there was usually

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Xo small advantage to be derived from this care is the confidence it

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