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now possible under these principles. Boric acid while

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procedures. Among the observations made on this case

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A Treatise on Mental Diseases Based upon the Lecture Course at the Johns

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conditions with chronic intestinal stasis furnishes food

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in from 20 to 30 minutes was strongly advised in all

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portance. If they are able lo understand the dangers of the operation and

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Dr J. M Ingersoll I have been interested in listening to this paper.

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that occasion of the entire medical profession of the town.

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part it may play in epidemic sore throat. It is not

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tempt to win support for my proposition encountered

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hope of diminishing the liability to intracranial infection are no longer re

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ceptions the cause of the various inflammatory lesions

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Examination. There was questionable dulness at the right apex ante

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the deficiency of the inspiratory act. The author then

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Dr O. D. Campbell I am very much pleased to hear this excellent

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tion as shown by complications of a suppurative na

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profound contraction of certain blood vessels may oc

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explain the freedom of the lymph glands from secondary

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large number and an apoplectic death for a somewhat

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ter perfectly clear. He referred to the marked bearing

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of power the medical profession is not called upon to waste much sympathy

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The doctor made the statement that caffein was more efficient than it

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appear that the poor Alaskans have become severely infected and that in

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do for crime what had been done for disease through

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injury i.s usually due to a baseball and we are all

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beration and metallic quality in the sounds produced bv percu. ion

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stitutional standpoint these cases should be handled

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The methods of determining the specific gravity of the blood

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being appropriate the infiltrating malignant growths

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should be alive to the situation and should let the

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too my experience is that the principle itself although insoluble appears to

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to study its clinical and diagnostic importance it was

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was thought to be due to a diseased state of the mus

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Further reference will be found in the articles on Percussion

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the uterus. The os uteri is patulous and low the lips

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screaming with pain and the mother thinking it might be colic gave an

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followed by vomiting and diarrhea. He would expel an enormous quantity of

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at times that it should be relegated to oblivion or at

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