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seems to be steadily gaining favor especially inso
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alveolar blood vessels from pressure 3 fatty degen
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in forming a little society to fight the efforts of the medical profession
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moved from the interior of the liver due to traumatic rupture
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did not involve the large ganglia did not communicate
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and pubes as well as of the instruments and hands of
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The heated serum from the inoculated rabbit has the power of
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ical reasons based on the relative position of the stom
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printed in large type on heavy paper and is well bound.
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Prayers and superstitious incantations were prac j man recovered in a few hours
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had effusion it was very small in quantity the fibrinous variety of the
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digestion whereas he should resort to the r ray and
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that ascending lymphangitis had been demonstrated in
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the School of Med. of the Jury of Instruction of the
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castor oil or olive oil may be given to overcome the
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the axis of the uterus formed an acute angle to the
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sure lowering effect yet any compound of the sulpho
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joint quiet. Physicians recommend the same thing in an inflammation of
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Society are many men capable of just this work. In the appointment of
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of gastric contents without the use of a stomach tube
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well marked reaction a rise in temperature associated with general symp

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