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life and beg to tender our sympathies to his family.
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ing quieter lives with less strain and stress vs omen
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chest organs and hot injections are useful in chronic
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Purging. More or less severe cramps in the lower ex
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Dr S. S. Haldcrffuin Portsmouth Would not have the nerve to give a
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school is in session and erasers should be dusted out
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frequently than was the custom at the present time.
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cidal power of the blood proved to be impracticable
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this the President s Address mentioned as vital prob
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his. The primary concern of society in its relation to
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The treatment of chronic disease was the intelligent
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take place within one year following the operation. The
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latter operation of extrapleural thoracoplastic the
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fibrinated blood but excellent for blood fibrin and
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the patient within twenty four to forty eight hours
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preme Court that the plaintiffs could recover from a rel
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healthful condition. It includes a broad field. It is
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tions of the sera in the Abderhalden reactions yielded
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result in a temporary relaxation of the mitral sphinc
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and lumbar protuboranc may ind ate affections of the cue urn
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has a corpus callosum and an anterior commissure the
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scientific. Morphine required no guarding. It acted
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supplied by the various peripheral nerves. These facts
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second surgical division of the hospital. Through the
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terial passed through from one side of the septum to
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indeed one of the chief distinguishing characteristics of the average Amer
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follows that syphilitics are leaving the service in
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is collecting and dispatching to the front sandbags
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unless the clinical data are insufficient. While the
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and water should be ordered and equally divided into
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the current. While rejecting entirely the idea of a
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such the function of the red blood cells is not only
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instability that the stresses of life be not permitted
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means clear up the mystery of the cause of pellagra
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Dr L P H Bahrenbursf of Pemherville Ohio has removed to Bath
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on his own hands. He selected one of the largest growths
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pletely infiltrated and anesthetized by a safe amount
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which for a time circulates in the peripheral blood and
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Ives and J. L. Griffing are appointed to read disserta
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this case as in others the tension was not much raised.
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ment. At first the patient should be placed on milk
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increase in the number of cells. In large doses this
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sition that on examining them without emptying the bladder the fundus is
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prognosis of chronic interstitial nephritis is favorable
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and the habit of hawking on the part of the patient.
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to end each corresponding to one of the nuclei. The
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a degree that the smaller blood vessels in the skin and
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GofFe also agreed with Dr. Sturmdorf in what he said
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York were beginning to look upon the health depart
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cases ran a more severe course and the mortality was
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produced in the cornea extending deeply into the ciliary body upward and
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moid and did an anastomosis with catgut and silk. She has made complete
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The degree of stricture which permits the taking of fluids and semisolid
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ear. On the same date both liver and spleen were pal
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debilitated and failed to recover. Dr. Ginsburg also

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