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tonitis. Ortali knows of only 24 cases on record of

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The latter is usually the result of irritation of the cerebral cortex

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inspection palpation and auscultation. No discussion.

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goes into the family of a syphilitic she must dismiss

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alkaline acid urine is no longer secreted. It becomes

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cisco for assignment to duty in the department of California.

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and the lowest at the level of the umbilicus all three being

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infectant solution before being washed after each at

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as for a resection of the rectum. The operation was

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formed by Drs. Dibble and Kirchner under the super

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H H Hessler amp Company on April 1 doubled the capacity of their

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diarrhoea. Ip certain forms of diarrhoea the motion is en tre J

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I have come to regard the diarrhea and the diuresis as diagnostic and

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it appears like a large ball. The external genitals are

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be obtained by adhering to the following principles

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dirty may do harm and has been held responsible for

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follow a wound of the trunk. It is seen more frequently

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site would seem to be that a given food substance or one

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child who gave a negative reaction the first time and

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cations must be directed post paid at two dollars a

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that a little more than seventy per cent of our male

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Parker reports an operative procedure the object of

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duces a healthier population at adult a.ges. The Jour

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the phase of systole but increases in amount throughout the

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considered an ectopic testicle of the perineal type and

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cases of cerebellar new growths which were localized

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in this country would gladly have published the article declined by the

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and tender but fully healed and now ten weeks after

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of dilatation supervening on hypertrophy. There was

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pre and nostnatal work he said involved the work of

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cal profession devoted more time to study observation

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following a severe exertion or hurt is painful gen

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disease and not reserved for the cases of irritable

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tube distance of 36 to 40 inches and the plate placed

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unfit children. In two states at least so called eugenic

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describes this capsule a dredge in detail. He points

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show congestion of the prostate and seminal vesicles.

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pressure and the kidney lesion in granular kidney the

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tients one might inject a few cubic centimeters of 2

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Dr. RiESMAN in closing said that by cardiac pain he

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picture of dyspnoea different types of the disturbance of b ea h

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formed from the preexisting tubules and Malpighian bodies of the kidney

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at operation showed extensive miliary tuberculosis of

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Dr C G Gray of Ironton wa quite seriously injured October 15 by

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livery but when taken together they form conclusive

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of perineal ectopic were of this variety for the follow

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known to follow Mendel s law. The author states that

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is continuous with the uriniferous tubule which ends in

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were general but shortly became localized in the face

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undermined edges. The amebje are found m the ulcer

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disintegration or absorption of that which has been

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of the terminal nerve filaments of the sympathetic by the contracting con

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paroxysmal in character that were not associated with

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tion of the thigh into the foramen ovale page 64 dis

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often livid. The neck is nearly always stretched owing

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the extent to which these changes have advanced will

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had not blessed them with such skilled laboratory in

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and delay in convalescence to the patient and an in

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foot and clubfoot deformities of the spine abdominal

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company that the doctor was at home had no professional engagements

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tender and a large fluctuating tubal abscess was found on the left side.

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shown to have a specific influence in increasing resist

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cases the odor is that indescribable one associated with the placenta. I

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