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Board of Health making it a misdemeanor for a woman to wear

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authority from tne Commissioner of Pensions be permitted to

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iufiamed area. Sliould the patient experience intense burning

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ture. Its use was suggested by the great efficacy of heat in

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kidney of each case. Shepherd calls attention to a case

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considerable physiology anatomy and dissection and all gen

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by which we may gain instruction the better to treat the

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C.vsK I. A rol ust young man of years of age who had strona glowna

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it attacks human beings it can be readily limited to the

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he sat down. He became unconscious soon and was found the

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what is most to be avoided. Dust producing occupations and

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is heat swelling and itching of the skin corresponding to hea t

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said but the one question she addressed to Dr. Bliss Is there

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brief review of the literature of autointo vlcations. According

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Dr. Fuller read the next paper which dealt with Vesical

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was destructive to animal and vegetable life. It increased the

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presumes that the circulation of the apex is less vigorous

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son and judgment instead of by his feelings emotions and

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urine was steadily increasing. His spirits were good

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by her is severe and gives rise to very painful inflammation

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follow. Certainly no better leaders can be found than the chiefs

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no increased risk to life. I therefore believe it to be the

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lupus erythematosus and the result in many cases has been

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attack of asthma. No of them can produce an attack all

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