Owl Tattoo Meaning

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Owl Tattoo

Owl Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Owl Tattoo Meaning

Owls are regarded as the king of birds of the night, they are also birds of prey and throughout history have been known as “Angels of Death” as well as the Goddess of the Night. You could associate spiritual influences, knowledge and wisdom to owls and you would be right on all accounts.

Once upon a time the Cree believed that the call of a Boreal Owl was a communication with the outside world, in other words the spiritual world – the dead. Superstitions are not uncommon throughout history, it is believed that if an Apache dreamed of an owl his death would be imminent. In most cultures the owl is seen as a mystical creature, often as a messenger between witches and wizards. The primary tattoos with meaning with owls is spiritually based.

Girls Owl Tattoo

Girls Owl Tattoo

Amazing Tattoo of a Mystical Owl on a Female – Tattoos with Meaning

Most owl tattoos show the owl sat on a branch with the moon in the background. However, in some cases a stand alone owl is enough for the wearer. Owls can be pictured in black and white or in color. You can have them sat down or in mid flight. If your thinking about having an owl tattoo done because of its spiritual background then adding a few vibrant colors will add to the birds mystical appearance. Owl tattoos look brilliant on men and women, just make sure to check out a few designs before making a concrete decision.

The real Owl Tattoo Meaning is not to take anything at face value. Owls may seem cute but in their own world they are predators and who knows, maybe they can contact the spiritual world?

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