Panther Tattoo Meaning

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Panther Tattoo

Panther Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Panther Tattoo Meaning

Panthers are one of the most alluring and poignant tattoo symbols of the 20th century. In fact the panther tattoo has a history that not many of us would suspect. The panther is known for its primal instincts, but apart from the fact that it is a great looking tattoo why else would you choose to wear this creature?

The black panther tattoo was first seen in the early 1900′s. A young Amund Dietzel saw the appeal the panther would have to young tattoo devotees. He spent hours practicing getting the tattoo design perfect. After several months of practice Amund had created what later became one of the most famous tattoos worldwide, the crawling panther.

Black Panther Tattoo

Black Panther Tattoo

A Fine Example of The Crawling Panther – Tattoos with Meaning

At first the black crawling panther tattoo was nothing more than a trend. Sailors and Prisoners were having panthers added to their artwork by the dozen. It was only later that the panther became one of the more genuine tattoos with meaning.

The Panther Tattoo Meaning is based on its characteristics. Firstly, his freedom. The black panther moves through the forest and nothing can stop him. He is the top of the food chain and does not have to worry about playing by the rest of the jungles rules. That moves me on nicely to the second meaning, his oppression from the rules. He lives his life, his way. Something we as humans crave is freedom, the ability to do what we want. Like the panther we often make choices that suit us but don’t necessarily please everyone else.

Women Panther Tattoo

Women Panther Tattoo

Panthers are a Favourite Amongst Women as well as MenTattoos with Meaning

A slightly more deeper meaning to the panther tattoo stems from the way he moves. The panther moves quickly and is agile. Some believe the posistion of the jaguar represents the speed in which things can change. A subtle reminder that life can be taken away or torn apart in seconds and we must not take any of it for granted. So there you have it, the panther only became one of the elite group of tattoos with meaning years after its creation.

Panther tattoos can be seen on men and women, usually men have detail added to their panther tattoo to give it a stronger meaning. This can be anything from his teeth being on show to the posistion the panther is tattooed in. However you get your panther tattoo done it will look good. The strong features of the panther and the way the artist brings these features out in your tattoo really does make a great piece of artwork. Whatever the panther means to you, it should be an honor to wear such a powerful creature on your body.

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