Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

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Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

Coming in just behind the eagle in the popularity ranks is the phoenix tattoo. Perhaps the phoenix is better known as the bird of fire. This originates from an age old story from Greek mythology. The phoenix is said to of lived for 500 years. A few short days before its death, the phoenix made itself a nest from aromatic twigs. The bird then sets fire to the nest and goes down in flames. 3 days after its death it is believed that the phoenix reappears from the ashes and is reborn. This is where the phrase “Phoenix from the ashes” originates.

In different cultures the phoenix has varying meanings. In Asia it is believed that it is the bird of virtue and grace. The phoenix plays a huge part in Chinese mythology, it is believed to be the second most important player, second only to the dragon.

Tattoos with meaning change over the course of time. What the phoenix once meant as a tattoo probably does not ring true now. In fact it is very difficult to put a meaning to this bird as over time it has had so many. However, there is one theme that has remained a constant throughout the journey…

Phoenix Tattoos

Phoenix Tattoos

A Spectacular Phoenix Tattoo on a Woman – Tattoos with Meaning

The phoenix does not represent one soul thing. Nowadays it is believed that each part of the bird represents something different. For example the wings mean prosperity, the body mean kindness and the head would mean reliability. Tattoo art has mirrored what the rest of the world believes – the phoenix is more mystical and means more than we could ever possibly know.

Phoenix Tattoo color

Phoenix Tattoo color

The Phoenix Tattoo has Endless Possibilities – Tattoos with Meaning

With such a great history behind it I believe you can literally choose your own meaning to your phoenix tattoo. In some cases it is not a good idea to change the traditional meaning of a tattoo, but in this case I think its a good thing. You, the wearer, have endless possibilities when your designing your phoenix tattoo. It can have one overall meaning or several different meanings as talked about above. You can have it in black and white or extravagant full color. You can have the whole of your back covered with its spectacular feathers or you can have it perched on your wrist. One thing is for sure, no matter how you have your phoenix tattoo done, it will mean a lot to you.

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