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tude of particles moved in the solution each of which
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When properly begun and intelligently continued artificial feeding with
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was stopped because it was assumed that any further
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The determinations mentioned above should be made as soon
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While the examination for diagnostic purposes is relatively simple it is
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ful course. Dr. Gerster concluded by saying that the
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ation he described with the aid of lantern slides. It
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arrangement and a breadth of scientific spirit which
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blood cells and very few nucleated red cells. The nlate
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it is under no obligation to notice or rrz iew any publico
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had described but that good results did occur never
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as a rule consider operative procedures per vaginam necessary in similar
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and the uterosacral ligaments shortened by the fol
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cervical glands where there is no obvious source of
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we elicit in making a diagnosis. In an acutely progressing case with
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varicosity but the distinct shot like lumps and the inability to disperse
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lion of the cervical sympathetic nerve has been recom
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presented this paper setting forth the results of his
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in lack of efficiency disease and premature death to
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nervous symptoms were due to the chronic constipation as much to the
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most extravagant serum therapy. 5. The result of the
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a similar physical sign and I strongly suspected the
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various changes were present depending upon the type
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dies are chemical compounds made by Americans for Americans and we feel
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tory w orkers. In view of the general excellence and
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gether with the marked diminution of the nmcous glands and functional
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in diagnosis fixation so that the body in assuming different postures does
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the treatment of the febrile and delirious stage of the
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histological structure and the function of each organ
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po nts to the presence of pus. With lower degrees of leuco
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the disregard of the physiological and textural features
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swelling of the lids and discoloration lasting from one to several days each.
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review of the nervous affections of the sixth and sev
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the e.xamination of the stomach contents and of the
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nant diseases need not interfere. We often find obstruction of biliary pas
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industrial health hazards but closely related to the
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idea of this mechanism that we are enabled to under
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nancy there may be the characteristic facies the tumor
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the dilated vessels edema and rarification of the col
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stated that all corrective surgery must be based on a
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the gauge of any civilization is the standard it sets
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dark or reddish dark eminences. They are hard and shotlike. They steadily
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least 2 000 years. He quoted to show that Hippocrates
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valve which is due to an embryonic overgrowth of the mesoblastic layer of
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it ought to make some impression in municipal statistics upon the actual
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and to those who have helped us elucidate difficult
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with the perusal in pleasant anticipation of intellect
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of cutaneous disease and the more accurate delineation
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received the autogenous vaccines are gratified with
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