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outside and left resting across the anus. All over

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preferred to a single one of large dose. There is no

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county jails and institutions for the care of juvenile

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All precautions possible were used in getting at the

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Such books as are necessary will be furnished and a

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recently said there were almost as many diflferent methods of treatment in

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avoided save in exceptional cases. The statistics studied

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Our only conclusion therefore could be tha tit was a

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the father. When both parents had the same defect the

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that it is in their blood and responds to irritations

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or gas with the occasional administration of ether as

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the same thing. In speaking upon this subject it was

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Society than has ever previously been afforded. Our public school system

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Nitrous Oxide Analge sia in Obstetrics. Its Advantages

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if possible the avenue of infection and the correc

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the disadvantages of the method to be prolongation of

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guidance of the mother during the child s first year at

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fluence his health e.g. his previou illnesses his habit and

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of other visceral lesions and the absence of tubercle

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attacks of pain had no relation to the meals and never

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oped. The clinical data in these cases did not differ

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if felt over the lower part of the front of the chest synchronously

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educate and improve itself and to discharge its duty

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erately pedunculated or sessile had none of the watery

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drops of the 1 20 dilution will enable one to count 140

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of fecal fistula. He always regarded these cases as

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Df J E Whitmaf has removed from Millersburg to Charm this State.

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such as sudden excitement or worry or the administra

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He was cyanotic always. Cyanosis disappeared with other symptoms very

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tuberculosis another was thought to be simple anemia and debility.

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like b ante or postnatal inflammation of the pyramids papilla calices

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currence had not taken place. Cutting liberated the

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Lester Scott relates the history of a lieutenant ad

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directed to specific objects was more practically use

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of cardiac dulness and diastolic rebound of the chest wall. The foregoing

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committee on Growth and Prosperity as outlined in its preliminary report at

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pericardium and a band of adhesion extending down over both right and

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is a cylindrical worm. 5 to 11 mm. long and is possessed

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percentages and care less and simply write to the laboratory as I have

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say the freezing point shows the degree of concentration or as

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cranial contents than changes in the shape of the skull or altered dimensions

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pitals as advanced in tuberculosis may we not well ask

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Society Dr Wenner had by his force of character strong individuality

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graduate of the Medical Department of Western Reserve University in the

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exception. There is no disease in which the transi

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so dissimilar to the deadly sloth of the huge but unwieldy and somnolent

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Such a case is usually considered to have progressed favorably and the

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