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the object of changirig the position with reference to
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cancer of the uterine cervix and vagina treated with
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servation for the past 15 years suffering an occasional acute exacerbation
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was confidently believed to be one of malarial infec
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cases of spontaneous pneumothorax on the left side
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The use of a thin but opaque paper prevents the vol
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ings of our public schools have been much improved indeed in some cities
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and wished to hear from patients notice that to their
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that salicylic acid and urotropin were pushed. Serum
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defined as A system of healing that treats disease by
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before death results is sometimes extraordinary. In my observation vomit
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widely advertised as an effective treatment for can
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duction. His method in weight reduction is as follows
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of severe type. All but 3 recovered. Characteristic
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Dr WiUiam R. Hosick of Adamsville first vicepresident Dr Charles A.
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quite as reasonable to suppose that 15 mm. below is
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Cases in which neither was used 56 with 48 recoveries. Another striking
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being diverted between the Medical Institutions of Cas
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the author gives a description of the different forms of ametropic eyes.
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foremost mass being pushed onward by that which was taken last provided
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gave a history of unresolved pneumonia and spasmodic
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of the hy.steria. the adoption and nurture of certain
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world over the fact that the criminal age when first
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by acetic acid in the cold had been in the wi iter s
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Treatment of Puerperal Infection and Septic Abortion.
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and pessaries until we have been sure that our examination has been made
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serve two cases of this disease I deem it of inter
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Considerable care in examination is necessary to obtain the full value
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of local anesthesia were particularly gratifying. He
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toward the cortex giving off at acute angles a number
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mortality was insignificant personally he had not lost
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the central nervous system. It was present in eleven
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a pancreatic calculus was found at the post mortem.
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Canadian Institute for Historical Microraproductions Institut Canadian da microreproductions historiques
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shrapnel balls 17 were perforating and in 15 or 46.8
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was removed a few hours later and convalescence was entirely uninterrupted.
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diphtheria scarlatina. Leucocytosis of this sort is usually
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bound to the anterior capsule and the cornea of course shows extensive
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and produced a typical vaccine keratitis with an abund
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Those who think that this statement of the role played by the mosquito
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while generally placed somewhat centrally is not in the
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and one they are going to avoid if possible to have
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a few words concerning the etiology of these submaxillary abscesses. It is

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