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the spread of an empyema or of a hepatic abscess to

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tions or injuries resulting from the delivery and if

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ship of overexcitability to latent tetany and actual con

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The use of colored chalks brought out other information

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stenosis of the cervical canal was a cause of dysmenor

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haps too much emphasis had been placed upon the im

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has isolated and cultivated a bacillus which closely re

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We are driven then to artificial or substitute feeding as the means by

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in the study of the pathogenic bacteria of infectious

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The skull is very thick measuring 1 cm. behind 6 mm. laterally and

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varies greatly in size and shape in different indi

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albicans or Saccharomyces albicans. It results from un

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ditions. He said that cerebral intoxication was fairly

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JouRNAi very rarely publishes any of the many expressions of good

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solutely harmless and is of the highest value in treating

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distance say eighteen inches from the plate it would

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the inner side of the crus cerebri in front of the pons

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E. E. Cornwall publishes a case of hyperemesis gravi

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an important sign of adherent pericardium. When the adhesion

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some other region. This symptom may at times be observed in

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seem that the reader of the paper was not familiar with

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fied cases of tumors lying anterior to the cerebellum

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that for two or more weeks previously the patient had

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Since writing the above the Journai. has had the pleasure of receiving

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CO method and their results have already thrown imoonan

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enormous amount of syphilis and gonorrhea in the com

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similar week last year. The death rate for the first

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currence had not taken place. Cutting liberated the

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tient twenty five years old had tuberculosis of the

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negative past history bad. Typhoid fever when 19 also

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of the foramena on both sides was noticeable in the

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recently said there were almost as many diflferent methods of treatment in

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group in whom the condition was frequently discovered

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particular attention to its early and complete report of the recent meeting of

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latter each receiving 600. For this service a certain proportion 75 cents

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the small vessels and capillaries and has therefore most impor

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not say offhand in the absence of anatomical alter

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in respired air. Micro organisms adhere to moist sur

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by a blow from a cricket ball on the tip of the finger

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Hospital had a case of a girl whose symptoms had been

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Clark s idea that the epileptic fit is the reestablish

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basis of their examinations. The few who boast that

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the offending species of mosquito or the effective protection of man against

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emetine treatment. The postoperative discharge local

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plained of pain in the wound and jerking in the affected

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