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extent depend on the strength and kind of alcoholic

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mis and others which replaced a part or the whole of

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in Topeka and was widely and favorably known among his profession. He

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during 1913. Figs. 9 to 12 show the different positions

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body produces counter extension and the child can be

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inflamed tubules and anything that dilutes the urine

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gall bladder was found much distended and was exposed and drained. It

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which no one seems to realize is the frequent fail

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to be generally meritorious had some traits of constitu

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food from the stomach through the pylorus it has also

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the deaths could be attributed directly to the action

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kidney disease the very first law is to avoid irri

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gradually desiccate and at the end of the second week

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Patients are kept on the diet outlined above for an indefinite period

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the first stages of cholecystitis is much less than chole

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ding being elevated on racks with electric bulbs hung on

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all cases. Cystoscopic examination showed changes in

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crises of tabes dorsalis are an important example of inspiratory

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which enables food to be taken and assimilated. The

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of this school to other members of their families or

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The ophthalmoscope showed extensive vitreous opacities more marked in

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loaded guns were under her bed and feared everybody

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of this city. This seemed to relieve him only slightly

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of magnesia 1 teaspoonful peptogenic powder 1 tube

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tions provided by the rectal valve the contracted valve strait constitutes an

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irregubrity may be noticed which in all probability does not

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a comparatively short cervical stump e.xtending from

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ease which had desolated this quarter and of the quick

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importance to a complete study of a case of syphilis.

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an Ewald test meal showed the presence of HCl and an

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A paper Nasal Polypi in the Nasopharynx by Dr J. M. Ingersoll

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lowing the different steps of treatment in the field

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ate degree is not a serious impairment in the young

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that these mistakes are seldom made and that it grows increasingly difficult

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later stage a checking of the process and a continuation

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By this is meant the relation between thf centacre of hamo

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each side of the square represents 1 20 mm. A third

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Toledo it is regretted to notice is having according to the newspapers

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edema vacuolization of the nuclei and cells atrophy

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the transfusion was as follows Under all aseptic ana

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on the 5th of January indicates that there has been no severe inflammatory

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mellitus appeared also fatty stools and emaciation.

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certain prearranged scale. Abortive results are not

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Brill s disease was nothing else but typhus fever. In

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clean through with the scissors for about the length of

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