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It frequently happens however that bodies of unknown

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that had been kept by the nurses to state what these

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auricles were in a state of flutter incomplete heart

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tilled water it has invariably been found that after

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ed that the course of Lectures will commence in the

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after the crisis was to be explained by the remarkable

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Rankin give a description of a condition based on the

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Perhaps in the coming Utopia the surgeons in the Kindergarten will

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literature the spleen is enlar.ged in 71 per cent of all

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On microscopic examination of these appendices we frequently find

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too deeply engaged in the pelvis and have not passed

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prepared everything to meet parturition and the new

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agents for psychic secretion in the salivary glands

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fever from which hundreds were unnecessarily dying Because the medi

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of infectivity of the typhus virus as determined by

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tagious diseases in schools are Regular and efficient

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was done. An eft ort was made to further reinforce the

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periods. Babies have intertrigo for the same reason

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muscle wall contains only the blind ends of the glands

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teven.l conditions which have not advanced to the point of

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should be teaching and research institutions in the

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results or complications may be necessary in individual

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dosis were among the most important diseases producing

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and nails are being rubbed with alcohol. Alcohol re

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trinsic as well as extrinsic difficulties they have

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effusion. The x ray was of great value in the study

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cases inheriting two or three defects and in those cases

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uates probably not then shorn of their resisting forces

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exophthalmos is well developed or it mr.y disappear in the course

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treatment by medicines as seemed to be indicated. The urine at this time

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was better to perform an occasional needless operation

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about ten days and then the skin became somewhat red

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If the disease is unrecognized and hence not treated surgically the

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They must not be used twice without being thoroughly

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where the same result vi as secured by placing the tube

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with a second row of sutures and laid omental tissue

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blood vessels in which many bacilli had escaped into

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from the mouth speech and swallowing are difficult and

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latei al facts which in the absence of any other evi

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Province of Ontario for the year ending December 31

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region of the heart as cardiac and extracardiac. Among

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tion and packed with gauze the soft parts are closed

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i. e. the muscles get uneasy as the result of their

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bacilli. Acid fast oval bodies are found frequently

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preparation for operative relief when possible. When

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Pfeiffer s bacillus and epidemic influenza which he

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silver impregnations aie prone to be incomplete and

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indicated against its spread. In particular carriers

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limbs. There was succussion on the left side. The stomach was below the

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poisoning by some foreign protein. From the definition

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