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often with small as with large doses. They appear to depend upon the
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Those from the right upper half of the body discharge
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very rational and reasonable there are always shad
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Dans des conjonctures aussi majeures on ne doit pas
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temperature was 102 and the pulse 120. The day following the headache
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abolish mosquitos get rid of all stagnant water use
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trace of sugar in the urine nor was the percentage in
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In reference to the diagnosis 1 have noticed that whenever the intus
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symptoms that he had been able to detect with the pos
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satisfactory results were obtained upon rabbits jaws
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disease is preeminently one of the period of life be
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dicitis in persons suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis
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The radiation took place at night and was maintained
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many colored animals and objects before his eyes when
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result from a compensatory vasodilatation to accommo
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prescribe a food adapted to the child s digestion at the time.
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in the United States were taught by the oral method
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France. It did not receive full recognition because of
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skull corresponds in size and shape to the weapon or missile which piudunwl
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when the patient was more restless and excited. Low
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relieve the strain on the heart. The remedy in fact was
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tion and was very evidently the cause of the bowel slip
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said the last phase in considering the management of
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tion which could be made complete in a typhoid stool
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Dr T W Jackson formerly of Akron who entered the Army service
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swelling and marked tenderness over outer and upper
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tive factors. A most prolific cause is syphilis espe
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called anchoring of the brain within the wound. I have long advocated
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crossed legged progression bilateral pyramidal tract
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Mr Georgfe D Gessamon of Youngstown it is reported has at the
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tervals and the work should be done at night or early
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nee ected cases of cancer. As a general practitioner he
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stitutional disturbance and marked evidence of septic
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ing glasses that corrected the errors of refraction. The
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amputated one of her legs and 2 that they so negli
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Street corner of Franklin Street or at the Bookstore
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ferent observers but has been recognized in its full
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merits. Particularly commendable is the author s method of writing of the
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stiffness set in. Examination There is a large tender
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The Use of Mercury Salicylate in Syphilis. A Record of
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tubercle bacilli in urine 0. Dubious cases of joint
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be placed upon the difficulties and dangers of cystoscopy
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patient s friends arranged with the hospital in regard to securing nurses and
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definitely established. Estimates of the time limit
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to correct Dr. Brill when he first heard his paper in
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law regulating the practice of medicine in the State of Ohio shall before
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courts. The psycopath the precox case when taken in
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had approved plans to erect tuberculosis hospitals.
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bility to abolish her in the city at the present time. The
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here an abridged encyclopedia or extended dictionary
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citizens as are incapacitated by ill health or age.
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soldiers with this status must be kept from battle or
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and an increase in the pulse pressure over the pre
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quiries he got a report of 96.8 per cent cures and the
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