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was an increase of fibrous tissue was normal. This liver tissue was dark

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gressed very slowly nevertheless in the second year the

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line contractions for it allows the woman a full test of

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year shall be entitled to a volume and 25 per cent

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Massachusetts is absolutely indifferent as to whether

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testicle in the scrotum in operations for undescended

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tion of many rectal affections leading to it. Allowed

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In imbecility speech is developed but vocabulary is

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petitive sports for the same reason that he favored

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en in London or elsewhere quite as satisfactorily as in

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duced lesions in the gall bladder in 80 per cent of the

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vestigations in the physiology and pathology of the

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only in the prostatic urethra confined almost entirely

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the membrana propria of a renal tubule. In some places however they are

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stitch. A narrow strip of iodoform gauze introduced

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to act as an added cause for a return of the swell

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members from Illinois Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota and other western

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utes till vomition in one case 28 grs. were thus taken

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reported under the title zoster gangrenosus atypicus

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An osteopath has been indicted in Darke County for practicing without

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Urinary analysis reaction acid specific gravity 1 038 no albumin

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of the aorta senile arteriosclerosis was found. There

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pleurisy pericarditis pneumonia in weakness of the chest

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where it became epidemic. The constitutional symptoms were constant and

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cemetery and its inefficient depth of earth I hastened

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sizes it is convenient to use a bit of congo red paper in

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discomfort with frequent recurrent abortive attacks of

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to an intensely sad retribution for the misdirected kindness that is

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cells. He regarded the whole process as a tumor like hyperplasia of the

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a. fall on the knee or foot which drives the head of

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what to do. To recapitulate the following has served me well Rest in

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specific gravity was 1.016 and the urine contained neither albumin nor

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side of the institution and the water milk and vege

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ness. The descending horn of this right ventricle was also enlarged so that

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condition of the eye and greatly hypertrophied conjunctiva and the metal

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is the chief offender. The edema from its sting is due

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cauda equina by a slender prolongation of gray sub

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considered an ectopic testicle of the perineal type and

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toxic results of tissue changes from interruption or

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five inches and its end could be felt behind the tonsil.

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operations under local or spinal anesthesia in highly

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abortions that the greatest difficulties are encountered and the widest diver

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interest. Ohlmacher s contributions on this subject are highly spoken of.

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can rest. It may so transpire that these particular

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be demanded of the joint. Efficiencies of patients may

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often a bloody froth escaping from the mouth and nos

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It is expressly stipulated that the competitor who receives the prize

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began life as a cobbler and. it is said was as suc

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