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which had taken place and the effect which they had

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a normal labor 2 a conservative cesarean section at

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was not long however before some disadvantages began to be appreciated.

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operative certain internal causes such as renal in

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fundi of the uteri before doing an interposition opera

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produced lesions in the endocardium in 84 per cent of

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testicle in the scrotum in operations for undescended

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cus or some other pyogenic microorganism the secre

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as yet been worked out. If the present belief is upheld

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From a study of these cases it seemed legitimate to

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body produces counter extension and the child can be

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request that the stretching and kneading of the perineum be thoroughly

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in the flesh particularly in the muscles and later on

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with the mediastinum. On the right side the pericardial

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Such an agitation would result in three fold good. A

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observations on the variations in red and white corpuscles u icl

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Wassermann was returned. Since then the patient has

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isfactory information with this instrument. It is well known however that

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once melancholy. He has been admitted eighteen times

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treatment according to different authors thus Welch claims 85 Leube

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ningham analyze 250 cases of chronic nephritis occur

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sions give a picture identical with that of ruptured

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and published by L. K. Cameron printer to the King s

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cases to 3.2 per cent. During the course of his studies

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Why of late years have those of the medical profes

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cases there is a sufficiently good capillary circulation to allow the poly

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on bright red highly inflamed bases. The vesicles are

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the medical board of the latter in conjunction with

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cations must be directed post paid at two dollars a

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people in adoption of such means as they deem most ef

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A paper Sudden Deaths by Dr Louis Schwab Cincinnati. In sudden

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affections are multiple sclerosis amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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other physicians prescribed did not help her. When I

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trian prisoners and infected individuals were sent or

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prisoners in that country to justify this. Speaking

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ever the condition grew steadily worse and two weeks

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was stopped because it was assumed that any further

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creased expenditure of money time and effort on the

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n. Vincent s vaccine. Typhoid bacilli killed witJi

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danger of entering the posterior cul de sac in making

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emetine treatment. The postoperative discharge local

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of astigmatism and juvenile cataracts may all be so

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alertness. Drinkers of this class suffer loss of acute

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in America with Siegert s tables of European hospitals. Of 16.042 cases

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A type of progression sometimes seen in cases of paralysis

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smelling discharge is no sign of the relative malignancy in abortion cases.

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sure had been observed. In other cases exactly similar

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The medical and hospital personnel of a captured vessel are inviolable and

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pose that one assumed that a physical effect was pro

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was a relationship between scarlet fever and puerperal

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