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curette all granulation and cicatrical tissue and at

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the cervix were necessary. This conclusion had been

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the problems that presented themselves in connection

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be proved that these types occur in germ laden dust

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of fibrous tissue without apparent thickening. The obstruction in these

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few hours. The physiological effect of alcohol was said

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shortly disappears. He maintains that all sorts of in

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but with negative results. Under hot packs atropin etc. the acute symp

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clean through with the scissors for about the length of

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easy to cultivate the B. mallei from the secretions of the

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if they would speak of this matter in their society

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istration of radium or of thorium it was the radio

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Dr Hueh F Lorimer of Fair Haven has removed to North Carolina on

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ion is vastly less than that incident to an unobserved and unrelieved

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a patient greatly reduced by the severity of his disease the most likely

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crimes against the young and helpless that are constantly committed in

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Journal that it is no longer possible to editorially mention all the matters

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give rise to a heart block that is similarly transient.

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The symptoms described in it are not all urgent by any

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borders could not be mapped out very distinctly and

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not be compatible with the fulfilling of the country s

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TON SI LITIS suits of a detailed study of five cases of endocarditis

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irregular patches in the skin. The spots are usually

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for twenty four to forty eight hours. Once a colleague

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states that textbooks teach that the opiates are ex

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