Rose Tattoo Meaning

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Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Rose Tattoo Meaning

Although the rose tattoo meaning may seem obvious, rose tattoos vary a lot depending on the style of rose. For example, red, pink and white roses all have completely different meanings and if other artwork is added to the rose then it can mean something completely different altogether.

Man Rose Tattoo

Man Rose Tattoo

Red Rose Tattoo on a Male – Tattoos with Meaning

The red rose has been used in the Bible on numerous occasions. The red rose is the symbol of love. Pure unconditional love that stays the same no matter what. The red rose is the true statement for timeless love and is a tattoo that is often added by couples with their loved ones name surrounding it.

A thorned red rose means something slightly different. Whilst it is still based on love, a thorned rosed is there as a reminder that love hurts. Although now times may be great, there could come a time where you are “pricked” by the roses thorns and feel pain.

The white rose represents eternal love and a certain innocence and naivety. It is believed that before the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, there were only white roses. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty then made all roses red, a symbol of her love and beauty for mankind. The changing color of the rose essentially opened up the Greeks eyes to the possibility of love, this ended their innocence and naivety.

Pink Rose Tattoo

Pink Rose Tattoo

Nice Example of a Pink Rose Tattoo – Tattoos with Meaning

The pink rose symbolizes gentile grace and admiration for the world. Small pink roses are often seen on very feminine women as they represent the personality.

Other significant colors include black and orange. A black rose is believed to be the flower of death and darkness. You don’t see too many black rose tattoos nowadays but they were very popular in the punk and gothic era. An orange rose represents a new excitement or enthusiasm in the wearers life, they have a new found respect for life and intend to live everyday as it is there last.

Of course, tattoos with meaning vary on who you are and what you choose. As the tattoo wearer you can create any rose you like with whatever meaning you want. The colors are only traditional meanings and you are always free to create your own.

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