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such as fever malaise debility loss of weight and so

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from the deep crypts of each tonsil. Notwithstanding

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den severe epigastric pain is the most constant symp

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ous or the result of the injection of nitrogen they had

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by pressing the hand against the contracting muscle.

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restore health. In some cases they are dangerous and even fatal on account

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A diastolic murmur heard best at the apex of the heart It is

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gradually reduced but the drug must be continued for

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such as the antitoxin erythema various drug eruptions and surgical rashes

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tonsillar abscess. It was on a par with the alleged

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Dr. Barnett in closing said he was glad to hear Dr.

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that no organism would be con. idered the cause of the

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gall bladder was found much distended and was exposed and drained. It

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elements and ignored the mechanism of displacing fac

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whole southern section of the city ninety five cases

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Three operation.s throughout a period of six years did

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They have found that organisms may lie dormant with

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no more encouraging paper in literature upon the sub

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the loss of oxygen because of their remoteness from

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The sharp rise of acidity of the gastric contents toward

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tion of the drum or possibly an artificial perforation. The patient will suffer

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ocular evidence. Along with the interior changes it also serves to show the

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more to general anesthesia than any other one thing

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Professor in the Faculty of Medicine L niversity of Lille France etc.

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it was found that the surgically created channel of

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by a decided rise of temperature and was associated with chilly sensations

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and six months as president he felt that it was better

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stitution and though all cases were carefully examined for it in none was

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eases of children. When this i.s accomplished the high

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If man was originally made upright he exhibits now in his organism

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undertaken as a last I esort and not as a routine proce

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slips out of the abdomen as the child is extracted and

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resistance is perceived in cases in which a definite

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use of 7i milligrams of tuberculin for diagnostic purposes and in this series

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explanation naturally obtrudes itself to the effect that

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composition and if the sewer be properly constructed

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the step but anaphylaxis cannot develop in the first six

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operation with all the dread that the word suggests.

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purpose of showing the distribution of the different

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own professional duties he has met all reasonable requirements and should

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