Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning

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Sugar Skull Tattoo

Sugar Skull Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning

The sugar skull tattoo has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Years ago it would only be seen on men in prisons around the US and Europe. As time has passed the sugar skull tattoo has adapted several new meanings and is now common with men and women.

Sugar Skulls originate from a tradition born in Mexico. They were first used as gifts given on halloween. A model of a skull would be decorated in bright colors and would be lined with chocolate, candy and other sugary treats. The mexicans used this as a nod to life. They took something that is commonly associated with death and decorated it with all these things, thus giving it a new lease on life.

Sugar Skull Tattoo femel

Sugar Skull Tattoo Femel

A female wearing the Sugar Skull Tattoo

The Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning is very simple. It is celebrating life after death. Although a loved one may have gone, they are still in the memory. Not only are they in the memory, they are remembered for bringing a beautiful persona to the world. The skull, which is associated with death more than anything else, is tattooed with vibrant colours of the wearers choice.

The skull has been a favourite amongst tattoo wearers for years, but now the sugar skull has allowed for a new breed of artwork. In the old days skulls would be seen as a morbid or scary tattoo but the sugar skull is much more than that. It is one of those tattoos with meaning that you will always remember.

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