Sun Tattoo Meaning

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Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Sun Tattoo Meaning

The sun tattoo is one of the favourite tattoo designs amongst the youth of today. It can be seen in a traditional old fashioned way or can be spun into a more modern design. The sun tattoo is very popular due to its versatility. It can be seen on the sleeve, wrist, back, leg, ankle and even rarer places like the neck.

Sun tattoos can be seen on men and women. They are primarily used for their appearance rather than their meaning. Tattoo wearers often choose the sun to be apart of their design because there is not much you can’t do with it. The sun can feature in a large back tattoo design or be small enough to appear on your wrist, wherever the sun tattoo is placed it always looks good.

The Sun has always been considered a sacred part of history. In pretty much all cultures the Sun is used as a symbol for everything that is good.

One of the more religious Sun tattoo meanings is that of fertility. It is believed that the suns light symbolizes health and the rays healed those who were ill. It changed the fortunes of couples and the sun rise meant that new life was nearby. Some also believe that the sun rise and sun set are symbolic of immortality.

Sun Tattoos

Sun Tattoos

A Male With a Highly Fashionable Sun Tattoo – Tattoos with Meaning

Another of the more common sun tattoo meanings is passion. This meaning comes from the phrase “burning passion”. The Sun is known for its heat and fire, these two elements are often associated with dedication.

The main Sun tattoo meaning is truth and light. There is no history behind these meanings written in stone but it is thought that the sun is associated with the truth from ancient history. It is more than likely this originates from one of the stories where the sun was being worshipped and the worshippers developed into better people after following a God-like figure. The Sun lights up the world and always shines brightly through dark clouds. This is symbolic of friends who shine through in hours of need, often in the darker parts of your life.

The Sun tattoo is one of those tattoos with meaning that you can really have some fun with. It gives the designer a chance to be creative. As we have mentioned several times before the Sun tattoo is very versatile. You can use it in several ways and really show the strengths in your personality. Lastly, remember that many people use the Sun as nothing more than a fashionable tattoo, it does not have to mean anything significant and it is more about what this particular tattoo means to you.

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