Teardrop Tattoo Meaning

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tear drop tattoo

tear drop tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Teardrop Tattoo Meaning

The teardrop is not a common tattoo by any means. It is usually only ever seen on strong individuals who are looking to make a statement. The teardrop tattoo has only really been seen in the last 10 years, it has a very strong meaning but also takes a very strong person to commit to having a tattoo on their face.

The tattoo originates from Chicano gangs in California. The teardrop tattoo would be placed just below the eye, it meant that the gang member in question had taken somebodies life. Since then the tattoo has developed various other meanings.

The teardrop tattoo is certainly seen more in prisons than it is anywhere else. In prison the teardrop tattoo can mean a number of different things. In many cases it means exactly what it did to begin with – that the wearer has taken a life whilst being in prison. In this context it is used as a warning sign to other prisoners that should they give the wearer any
“hassle” they same will happen to them. Even in prison however, the teardrop tattoo can mean that an inmate has lost a loved one or has simply spent time in the cells.

tear drop tattoos

tear drop tattoos

US Rapper Lil’ Wayne has a Teardrop Tattoo – Tattoos with Meaning

If a teardrop tattoo is seen in the outside world, the most common meaning is that the wearer is part of a gang and knows people who have been killed in battle. US Rapper Lil’ Wayne is the most famous face to sport the teardrop tattoo, his symbolizes friends he has lost in gangland wars.

Not all teardrop tattoos relate back to violence. Some men wear the teardrop tattoo if they have lost a younger brother or a son.

This is one of those tattoos with meaning that we will never quite know to the full extent. It is believed that the meaning behind these tattoos lies in the design. In some cases the teardrops will be filled in, in these cases they represent that a loved one took their own life. In other cases the outline of a teardrop will be shown, this signals that a loved one has been murdered.

Without knowing the wearer it is very difficult to know what the tattoo means to them. If you are considering getting a teardrop tattoo then make sure you check out several designs and also understand what it means to you, that is the most important part…

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