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were frequently secondary to some other condition or

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literature on night blindness has not been forthcoming.

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Jenrier s circular the great discoverer of variola vacci

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become of the favorite method of performing oophorectomy through a two

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fingers owing to the stiffness in the metacarpophalangeal joints. I think our

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So often have I seen valuable time wasted and I believe lives unnecessarily

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finder was introduced into the cavity and the opening

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tion although its presence was suspected and a persistent effort made to

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The profession of nursing is generally recognized as distinct from that

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useful clinical test of the renal exctf ory power. There are some

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no injury to the tissues has been apparent. The rea

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apy special operative measures etc. but has brought

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statistics of about half a million cases showed that it

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toiditis Following Infectious Diseases With the Report of a Case. Tlie

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as interne in the Marine Hospital here and subsequently secured an appoint

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Dr and Mrs WilUam H Htimiston spent the holidays In New York

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placental decidua may be mistaken for the decidac vera or placenta proper

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It has been isolated from stools of three pellagrins

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in most cases. A few patients die after the crisis

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by flourishing district societies. The Secretary reports that the following

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the cases in which the contents of the stomach pass

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tion of the chest revealed the usual signs of infiltra

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a quiet darkened room under the care of a sympathetic

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in which the ducts were in such close apposition that

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second injection of 250 000 000 was given him on May

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responsibility of the vast amount of arteriosclerosis not

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sense of taste 4 to lubricate the bolus of food and

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Knights of Honor. The Supreme Lodge in session at Buffalo June

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of the uterus and vagina might be completely closed

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Rockefeller Foundation from the first was interested

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or an unavoidable embolism are responsible for comparatively few deaths

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ness he had a good appetite and slight constipation. Examination of lungs

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In rickets the head may assume a square shape owing to bony

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the pathology of the disease and there is wide need for

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anus a few weeks later. The benefit of the artificial

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unhealthy tint m pregnancy in Addison s disease and in an m rs

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the hospital units it had already sent for Serbian relief

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hoarseness on crying. During one spell of coughing the baby expelled

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Jennie Newman of that city. Dr and Mrs Friedman will reside at The

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the principles of modification and adaptation of the

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relief because of retroflexed uterus and enlarged ad

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lieved by any medication. The use of the local remedies

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throat of our infant charges perhaps even this dreadful form of meningeal

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control the other that the lawful regulations ordi

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