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the urine was caused first by feeding high fats and

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than the figures from all the records but it is felt

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Russian army surgeon von Eck had devised his opera

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Pitcher of Haverhill Mass. in this paper made a plea

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on this subject. The sulphate has undoubted narcotic

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of Lane and Starling s researches his attention was

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that of an English walnut to a hazelnut. The largest

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been very much distressed by shortness of breathing and edema. While I

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the pain does not come on till some time after food

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tion the pain can be relieved by hot or cold applica

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Subscriptions received at his Office No. 47 Marlboro 1

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turbances occurring at the menopause women are frequently

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distinct swelling size of silver dollar over front of

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balance in the diet upon arteriosclerosis. It was well

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Dr. Trudeau also carried on scientific investigations

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it was sutured to the subpubic fascia and to the vaginal

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I was asked by the medical staff to investigate his

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agents for psychic secretion in the salivary glands

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privileged. It is not necessary the appellate court

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and bleed easily. The pulse is generally decreased in

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the best results might not be hoped for in this disease

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their special manner a slaughterhouse has been pro

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lieved that a diseased gall bladder like a diseased ap

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with the recognition of the various types of tumors and

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with few exceptions in the fall October or November

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trum and frontal on both sides to relieve the unbear

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ment after this occurred surgery rarely offered any

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and making traction with the fingers within the internal os still contracted

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these groups of cases and states that a more extended

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pressed the hope that Dr. Rosenbloom and other bio

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body produces counter extension and the child can be

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weight and in all particulars though eventually she

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instituting psychopathic laboratories so that the crim

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frequent in this vicinity in the spring. In some towns

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The most common disease affecting the ears of children is acute otitis

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ascites etc. But it is understood that the presence

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amount of blood. It is true that this has been done

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ments the improper formation of the joint surfaces

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observed n the typhoid state from any cause. A very dL en

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smallpox. The papules were quite uniform in size but were flat and in

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category of diseases due to eating improperly cooked

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One cannot but admire the absence of arbitrary rules

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colon. Through an incision made parallel to and in the anterior axillary

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recognizes that orderly development and definite form

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gives 5 histories of aborted disease and in summing

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cases some method of accouchement force must be em

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that he will instruct pupils in all the branches of medi

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