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their gradual diffusion into the blood stream may fol

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piling a valuable text. The work is w ell illustrated.

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which seems indisposed should not be mixed with that

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color married and engaged in the ordinary household

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mourn the loss in his death of a dear colleague ever

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time establishing drainage a noticeable improvement

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rigidly enforced. Last winter it seemed best not to attempt general com

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fault. Large stones have reached the duodenum and found their way into

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septic preparations into the skin to prevent dissemina

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We wish to direct particular attention to an editorial

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regarded her as a drag upon the progress of the science

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up 200 consecutive cases operated upon by Dr. Frazier

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that portion of the profession especially interested in this line of work with

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injection of serum. In the discus.sion of his paper

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almost constant elevation of temperature which we could not account for

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J. Nyulasy believes that in septic peritonits the de

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ch.mels causes a palpable vibratory movement of the chest wall.

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the shortening after 4 cm. have been passed. Reduc

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striking than was anticipated. Out of the 100 cases

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had to be accounted for and they were not sent to the

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against cancer was not only not opposed by the State

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toxin to ever patient who came down with the disease with the following

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of the serum in question. is found to be the normal alkalinity

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thoroughly cleansed vnth a solution of corrosive subli

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cases certain points which are tender upon pressure. One of these is over

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also take into consideration the difference in reaction to

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tity of CO in the blood in cases of coal gas poisoning.

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epithelium and communicate with the interior of the. gland where they

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tonsil and posterior pillar on the stretch which membrane is then slit from

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the medical profession at least would have come out

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tion may be due to adenoid vegetations with or without the presence of

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Hughes has seen a severe form of plantar neuralgia in caisson disease.

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IN connection with the boast of the osteopaths that they own the Supreme

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logical mind that correlates the facts obtained through all these avenues of

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The subscriber has it in his power to give notice to

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ing the care of her digestive organs during pregnancy

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and soul of the poor soldier. These they will gleefully cast into outer

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to be a transitional cell and for the sake of a bet

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Obstruction of Sigmoid and Rectum Due to Xntrapetvtc

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sible to pursue a research to the very end of every

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Questions will be on the line of the cause of the con

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within a few days only of the secondary suture of the

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exhibition of the secretory response of these glands

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the date of her birth was relevant and coherent. Ex

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the stimuli causing the nerve impulses. It is associated with the

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traindicated the incision can readily be made under local anesthesia. The

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myelocytes. The lymphocyte group of cells originate for the

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helpfulness in the household. In no instance had any

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the relation of arterial thickening the raised blood

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the arteries. The most striking clinical effects are

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qxicnt in asylums as it is among the general population.

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which can sometimes double the acuteness of vision

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irritability and pain appeared first the growth was usually malignant. Ail

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system as only a part of that larger whole. To this

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juice is passing into the duodenum. This pain is re

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the eggs or maggots to do any good. Kerosene oil is

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this universally known process of inspiration pneu

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saying that in cases of puerperal sepsis the severity

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would not find it practical perhaps to employ a ref

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vance for six months or a year. Subscriptions received

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