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by the thermometer rather than by the calendar it had

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out with a worthy idea but either found the job too big

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tracted. The indications for the operation in the reported case are far from

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Decades of Life. J. Mitchell Clarke says that these dec

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pneumonia from other recognized inflammations. From sections of pneu

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sugar proteids and salts which nature has ordained to be the requirements

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lating to the duties of the position 1 experience 1.

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tula is a suitable field for local anesthesia and by

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follow that the distortion of the shadow cast by the

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dominal aorta vena cava inferior and thoracic duct with reference to move

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cases and felt justified in coming to the following

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S. Experiences in the Operative Treatment of Gunshnt In

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irritable red congested and painful gradually growing worse the vision

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ation following contraction which continued for a long

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Los Angeles Cal. presented this paper which he illus

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tion may be due to adenoid vegetations with or without the presence of

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to do so after the return of their usual attendants

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know that the quality the expression intends to rep

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spector at Honolulu had previously notified the California health authorities

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touching under part of quadrate lobe of liver is very

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qualities. The Faculty of Genoa is convinced that by

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explanation of these symptoms of their mutual rela

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continued use of alcohol also retards tissue repair after

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catheter furnishes additional reliable proof of the

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ing it it was thought to be a diverticulum open at one or

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excretory power such as methylene blue and phloridzin. They

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Finally from the eighteenth to the twenty fourth day

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physiological chemistry at the College of Medicine

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THERE is in Columbus an Institution called the Hartman Sanitarium.

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women though other more pretentious and impres 5 lt

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expired blood films are made from the contents of the tubes and

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be considered as idiopathic epilepsy they may be se

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Adjourned to meet at time and place of Ohio State Medical Society

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termining the meaning of the acts in question was that

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prognosis. On the contrary the results of treatment in such cases are

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plan has been accepted by the Board and merely awaits the appropriation of

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of pregnancy during the last week all of which became

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