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culosis and recovered another operated upon in 1894 developed a ptosis

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In Nos. 1 2 and 3 is an account of probably the most

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made. Often it is diagnosed as pneumonia palpitation of heart and genito

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self. A diagnosis as to the etiological factor or fac

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pearances of each disease were strongly marked and

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the kidneys the pus having shown the same properties

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but few cases of pure aortic stenosis have been re

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necessarily point to tuberculosis of the corresponding

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the latter being as yet but imperfectly known. There

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bullet was felt to be lying apparently fixed at the back

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the original focus and north of the second focus was

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tablets of salt inside the uterine cavity to ensure

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many interesting things could be learned. Sehauter had

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gross lesion of either the skull or brain itself. I think the recommendation

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patches one on the left inner side of the lower lip and

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such character as not to irritate the intestinal tract. In addition the majority

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in clinical medicine and that physcians are better ac

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opposite side of the abdomen or cyst. The wave produced in the

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drinking purposes and prompt recognition and treat

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their full and free consent. Doctors are particular about these things.

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ter one during childbirth three died in infancy cause

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cise elucidation but which he appears to regard as the

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work or went to bed and any cause wl.ich he can assign for

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saved them. The treatment of all the cases was inten

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ciency of unimpeded peristalsis and have no time to

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unaffected which shows that the first change reall.v

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intense even up to the end of the illness whereas in

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be so frail that it could be easily broken with the

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journals in their July issue had joined in a cancer

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Stimulants may also be required. Nasal feeding often

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timbre and had a suggestive monotone it was entirely

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than it had been previously but there was no well defined reaction. The

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at conclusions toward which they had all been drifting

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practitioner does not take his responsibility seri

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of a monthly publication. As new medical journals are always an interest

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lungs there is no way of determining at once whether

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Dr James A. Ingram of this city a graduate of the Medical Department

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the employment as medicine internally. In its local

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y very much interested in hearing this because some time ago 1 gave

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reports the case as a peculiar dermatosis in which a

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fracted. Add to this a considerable percentage of hyperopes far sighted

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three rings there will be three shades of color. This

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ing that all imitators suffer in comparison with the ori

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plate taken one month ago showed the pylorus firmly

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and disability and the actual expense of physician

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frequent in this vicinity in the spring. In some towns

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whether it should be treated by boiling water injections

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have been fully recognized from this point of view.

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appear to be an inexplicable derangement of the super

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peared during the past ten years in various journals

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are on a full time salary basis each having the care

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riers from abroad. They find it more than unprofitable

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the result of lack of food was relieved without any

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he regards as typically one of erythremia and clinically

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bleeding as he went might be likely to find himself

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very positive conclusions from so small a number of cases. The general

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lence of the disease and to know why the disease was

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be ample not restricted. There was a large class of

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tion and used the vagina of a bitch for sexual gratifica

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