Turtle Tattoo Meaning

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Turtle Tattoo

Turtle Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Turtle Tattoo Meaning

The turtle is one of the more gracious aquatic creatures. He swims gracefully against much larger beasts deep down at the bottom of the ocean. Although turtle tattoos are not common by any means, they are always a pleasure to see.

Turtle tattoos can be seen on men and women, they are not restricted to either sex as the turtle bares significance to both genders. The turtle tattoo looks great in full color or black and white. If you do see a turtle tattoo it will often be part of a bigger design or have detail added. In Christian cultures the turtle tattoo is not really very popular, it is referenced in many myths that the turtle is a sign of laziness and procrastination.

However, in Asia the meaning is very different. Recent research shows that turtles live for around 80-100 years. Asian culture has believed or arguably known this to be the case for many years. To them the turtle symbolizes a long, peaceful life.

Turtle Man Tattoo

Turtle Man Tattoo

An Extravagant Turtle Shell Tattoo – Tattoos with Meaning

Not only does the turtle have a long existence, he also has a meaningful one too. A common turtle trait is often likened to humans success. When the turtle has a need to go places, he will stick his neck out and move forward. The phrase “Stick your neck out” originates from this specific turtle feature.

As far as tattoos with meaning go, the turtle tattoo is certainly open to interpretation. I believe that in most cases turtle tattoo wearers do not really consider the meaning, it is more about fashion than anything else. This is not to say that the wearer does not share similarities with the turtle. It can be as subtle as mirroring the turtles graceful movements or as complex as the asians think it is. Whatever the meaning behind your turtle tattoo you should enjoy the beauty that the turtle beholds.

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