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the Association and editor of the Toledo Medical and Surgieal Reporter
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the Excretion of the Acetone Bodies in the Urine in Dia
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the war against crime and mental deficiency they must
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measures were directed to handkerchief disinfection no
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quisite in handling the straps one careless movement
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Two cases of yellow fever have occurred at Natchez Miss. with one
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cent following injection of strains from sources other
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tions of blood from yellow fever cases. Seidelin in
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pecially when recurrent. Radium treatment is intended
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obvious that his purpose was to treat the human body in
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duced by a certain amount of radiation in a short time
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an anti syphilitic in the early stages of lues should
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tinal indigestion. The dietary treatment by means of
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iological part of his essays published in Europe found
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John Kentucky 14 M 100 200 Defect Glasses do not relieve
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of this period of life owe their origin to that process
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FEEDING. be very pure products. One ounce by volume of
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off the redundant tonsillar tissue with a tonsillo
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to the reviewer it seems rash to reject results obtained
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ticles are of a sufficient size capillary embolism can
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gency stimulant and then only in minimal dosage which
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keen and not always ethical. The agent as a rule was

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