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entious co operation of the profession and that the

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of childhood was the death rate. From a total of 24 471

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duty at Columbus barracks has been ordered to accompany troops to the

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Dr James T Whittaker Professor of Theory and Practice in the Ohio

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vision has reached 6 30. The iris has shown undoubted attachment of its

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coating was then applied over the cotton. After cool

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Pieces of tissue that were removed from the orbit and antrum were

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he has a short attack of excitement leaves his busi

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zyloprim prescribing information

disease and it is impossible for infection to be carried

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ham resided 160 3 r ears hefore. Dr. Lettsom then re

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clinics are under the direction of the superintendent

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usual gynecological notice on bulletin boards seems

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cinoma are in the beginning such as characterize other forms of chronic

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enter an asylum with tuberculosis have little chance

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ing was because when at home in a melancholy condi

zyloprim prescription information

Editor of the Journal Treasurer Dr H. P. Newman of Chicago Trustees

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sclerosis. The abdominals were occasionally present on

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it had a septic discharge from the vagina and the milk

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ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract and cancer of this

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the intestine the presence of scybala in one or more regions of

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acute exacerbations from time to time. Contact with

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ciety London etc. With 31 Illustrations and 3 Colored Plates.

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schools the deaf child at five years of age schools

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of its exact cause and the mechanism of its production.

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therefore isolation is never thought of. Individual

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give the appearance of being in the perineum. 3 The

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students will have a privilege of attending each lesson

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normal liver space the liver dullness there being absent. When first seen

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cases from the rest of the city. The next week this

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in such a manner that access can be had to the interior

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What would be wrong about this Let Drs Robert T. Morris of New

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of increasing myopia from the lower to the higher grades. Surely there

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tures of joints in synovitis and about the sheath of

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The lack of organized discussion often dulls the interest of the mem

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method is justifiable in the same way that surgical

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as it is raised above the smooth surface of the surrounding endometrium

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get up. He now limps slightly but extension is almost perfect. A solid

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occurnng in the growth but rapid dissemination without apparent

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gastric ulcer it was impossible to jirognose its course

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Upon examination I found the blade had entered the ear following the

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one of her many attacks of acute infective arthritis.

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In 68 cases about 2 foreign bodies were found to be present although

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cal inspection of school children for the detection of

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a class experiment in which the action of drugs on the

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cants for offices unproductive of any real benefit

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Of the above enumerated causes the commonest are ulcer of

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anterior inclined plane thus as it were thickening the

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massage and vibration treatment by exercises of flat

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M. table in the Abstainer section and 14 711 actual

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oculated directly into animal tissues which have ap

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lowing description of acquired syphilitic lesions of

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Tlie function of the thymus is not settled it is said

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of group medicine and outlines a system of group medi

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allopurinol is used to treat gout cause it

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Dystocia is difficult or abnormal labor and includes

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