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few diagnoses would be made even of the commonest and most prevalent

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the course acute terminating usually in death within

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ating the testicle had been brought out of the scrotum

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toms and the conditions found at operation included

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could and distributed pieces to other members of the

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and of the sexual glands. Extracts of the posterior lobe

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region of chronic irritation and cancer and of these

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twenty four hours. The day after his admission he is

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c. Double hair spiral growing together of eyebrows ir

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ing only flesh enough to protect the bones remaining

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and pains being regular about every five minutes I ruptured the membranes

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to settle this question of hot and cold applications definitely. I learned

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has had abdominal pain loss of weight and occasional

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Dr. Houston gives an account of the Wassermann reaction

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amination is most intricate and difficult and Binet

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The treatment consisted chiefly of tonics iron quinin and strychnin

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that the corners look towards the four points of the

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prise in themselves a small atlas of skin diseases.

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times in the performance of the Widal test for typhoid

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There is still a scarcity of candidates for medical

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The subject is excellently classified and so divided as to facilitate

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The hands should be just as thoroughly cleaned before each examina

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lungs. If this system of organs adapted for the trans

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The headache increases in intensity and the fever is

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This plan has worked very well. The experts examinations have been

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by intravenous injections of salvarsan it is the be

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pertinently remarks in commenting on these figures This is not sur

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of acidosis which deserved definite investigation in order

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cardia also in right hypochondrium and pain over the bladder. His appetite

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several sera in the treatment of scarlet fever. These

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cury. Chloral and morphin. Never use hot baths as they are illogical and

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as a supplementary procedure in probably one fifth of all abdominal sec

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torial and given it their endorsement. As we have before remarked if all

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The problem of treatment for future consideration is

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tory of rheumatism or of other infectious disease was

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cury. Chloral and morphin. Never use hot baths as they are illogical and

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showing evidences of tuberculosis. 4 Vaccination of

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dence tended to show that he l ept an office in Boston

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time they reached the surgeon in this roundabout v ay

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the spasmodic character of the cough the expectoration

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a joint is infected thus allowing valuable time to elapse

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become somewhat irregular. The steam tent was abandoned early as its

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four arthrodeses one decapitation of the femoral head

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occurred this mode of expression was never attained. Those evidences of

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cancerous conditions in the breast particularly chronic

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treatise on Medical Police the materials are collected.

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Argyle Robertson reaction. Nose negative. Ears nega

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ination by any State Board a student s certificate of examination for

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to the subject not only by physicians generally but

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whooping cough combined. The truth of this is not appreciated first be

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All Communications must be directed to the publish

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of pus from the nose. Following that they noticed the enlargement which

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students will have a privilege of attending each lesson

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oversea dominions but it appears that in seme cases

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of a beat at more or less regular intervals intermittent pulse or

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finds that the blood of the umbilical cord contains more

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month extended considerably so that two public schools had to be closed.

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There is a pustular syphilide which develops mostly on the trunk and

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can be introduced. The bag was slipped over the leg

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after using hot damp towels for 10 minutes it gradually relaxed. The

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ture and simple excision are relegated to the past.

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jure the capillary wall belong as a rule to the group

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Hamilton also relates an instance of recovery and Dr.

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only approximate for when he reached Serbia in April

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forced to the conclusion that the disease was not due

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