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tion of aconitine or of the fluid extract of aconite

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seen and in this way the case mortality rate was in

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the relation existing between the peripheral circulation and the heart it is

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day the temperature of the patient may have reached

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toms. After giving a more detailed history of these pa

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induced to insist upon a proper knowledge of the disease.

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site of the lesion. One frequently saw cases in which

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used it should be used in doses sufficiently large to

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workers only who should be paid salaries sufficiently

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the sac with continuous suture b uniting the transversalis fascia the entire

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serving voluntarily. At a meeting of the staff such a recommendation was

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develop indicate one or two extra doses of the fourth

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nausea following the use of digitalis especially the

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and she lost strength in the legs and back so that she

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Medicine Assistant Surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital Associate Mem

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been prevented by making the exaininatioyi under strict aseptic precautions.

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have previously had unduly heavy children it would be

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were important as the cause of the specific symptoms.

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clama tions shriekings and other instinctive expres

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sale grocery firm indeed she was one of the managers

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to most problematic results. Brilliant percentages of

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kindness I am indebted for the clinical history and the specimen. The

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retractor in the lower angle of the wound and by re

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characterises the various health officials of the City State and Marine Hos

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wide 3 4 thick. During life disorder of the chest was

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the pupillary area gave a yellowish white reflex probably due to infection.

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selves unable to see what their comrades point out. The

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must also present a diploma from a medical college that requires a four

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earliest symptoms of arteriosclerosis were coincident

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given even a slight angulation of the leg bone weight

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jective signs o dyspnc a to be mentioned presently Uit uv in

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tence due to overindulgence in coitus as well as in

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vascular and respiratory systems. In the frog small

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amount of prolapse and did not interfere with subse

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velopment of local health organization and the employ

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A jerky intermittent vesicular breath sound usually observed

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bore down there was little protrusion of the anterior

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stance. Suppuration of the abdominal wound occurred in 8 cases 7.2

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sclerotic conditions the speech is not characteristic.

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private and clinic practice They are usually classed

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voice returned on asking the patient to phonate with

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No names were mentioned but as the Cleveland Plain Dealer of April

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The patient made a very rapid and e.xcellent recovery.

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empyema of the antrum except in its relation to foreign bodies. In dealing

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cough and no assured abiding place is apt to fare badly.

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a larger percentage of long durations and smaller per

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pital on February 3 and had since enjoyed excellent

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jured or taken ill in the big office buildings in the

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from brain substance on a large scale for use in the

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pressly permit its use in preparations intended for

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so high up as to leave together with the adnexa the

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ising much but time was required to demonstrate their

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stained. His appetite was good and he had not lost in weight.

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there was no stronger argument than that she should

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results was as follows If birth trauma was present it

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portions small islands of renal tissue are found among the cysts. In those

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his age in the school that it is really not the proper

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but the functional results are better after operative

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facilitate drainage by elevating the head of the bed

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completeness of Horsley s survey of this field it seems

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may result in permanent obstruction to nasal respi

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gated invested by an areola itself not larger than a

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sit up and then discovered a very tense and large protruding abdomen with

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sity. Apart from the desk and typewriter alongside of the folding bed

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day. Quarantine. For the sick until desquamation is

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brain and liver extracts injected subcutaneously are

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vance for six months or a year. Subscriptions received

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castor oil or olive oil may be given to overcome the

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preventive since as a rule the symptoms begin after

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and very shortly she had swelling develop along the course of the femoral

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