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January 18 with headache and fever. During the fol

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poultice powder used by Beebe and described in the fore

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ments filed against him and the unsecured liabilities amount to 1 391 631.

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of the Long Island State Hospital one is located in

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patient dies in a few days from septic leptomeningitis. The mortality of

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debris that might still be present. Three or four days after the curetting

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only true of tuberculosis but of every other disease.

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Medical skill is founded on critical acquaintance with

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of the risk in such conditions that it will be either

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the space for the pharyngeal orifice of the eustachian

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ful effects in phthisis also in stomach complaints

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have those who resorted to him go into an inner room

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The doctor made a statement regarding the use of the full drug of

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reading may vary in the same individual between the

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massed together in clumps.the result will be very inaccurat and

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