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condition. His heart murmur still persisted but it is

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may suddenly develop a state of depression when the

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were common to both Graves disease and tuberculosis

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cases in which remained a residual muscular paralysis

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We are driven then to artificial or substitute feeding as the means by

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true meningitis it was advisable to make a lumbar punc

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these bacilli not being virulent. It had never been

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by the thermometer rather than by the calendar it had

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Irrigating Nozzle for C stnscopy Modification of the

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organism concerned in the process may often be Lived at

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mined by palpation or auscultation but neither method

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the orbit through the sphenoidal fissure. While in the

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Injury or disease of the facial nerve or of its nucleus causes loss

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tion of the intestine either utilizing a portion of the

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male and one female which fitted in and on respectively

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fined in its proper situation by five sutures strips

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bearing period when other measures have failed suspension of the uterus

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usually possible to distinguish the peristaltic movements of the

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ered his hearing quite suddenly on November 2. The cure was accompanied

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alcohol could be eliminated 7 per cent of all accidents

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be soaked in naphtha or the whole garment sterilized

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