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consistently. Some chemicals important as drugs are not referred to as

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some years ago he had reported a similar case before

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condition better than ptosis because it always precedes it whether it be due

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She had no trouble whatever from the movement pass

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which to back up his statements. Dr. Lichty stated that

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meningitis in seventeen of eighteen cases of menin

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measui e. He had tried the.r rays and radium without

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mentation and putrefaction and also of hypersecretion can be secured the

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his nervous system is injured in such a way as to interfere with

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being the practical one of distinguishing at a glance

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with limited facilities. In the closing sentences of

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another tender area with slight resistance. Two years

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and much of it is of absorbing interest. The other three

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tions of external physical imperfection should be ac

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in so many cases arbitrary in scope and aff ected by

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tution making it difficult to see how any food products

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last place to study the criminal for he was under a

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disease physicians delayed until they found the source of contagion very

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observed this winter that persons who drink only the spring waters or the

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pochondrium. An incision in the median line permitted

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dustrial depression began in the latter part of 1907.

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tions have been demonstrated in non syphilitic dis

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shows all the signs of recent alcoholic excesses moist

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Address delivered be ore the Cleveland Medical Society October S6 1900

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The object of this paper is to establish three propositions.

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follows the inev itable cause of death involves an is

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tained for this purpose at the Academy of Medicine

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