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if they would speak of this matter in their society

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great value in determining susceptibility to the disease

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Since his experience with this case the author has made

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eyelids were much swollen and a purulent conjunctivitis and keratitis were

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budding processes projecting from the renal tubules. In many places how

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introduced into the wound. Of course I believe that it is not necessary

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the skeletal muscles and it is observed not only during this

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It would appear that it is for all of us physicians

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carotid of the side tied viz. a The deep cervical with

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better surroundings than those among which their early lives were spent.

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went led to the consideration of the advisability of

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JUST as we go to press the announcement comes through the Philadel

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receive prophylactic doses of antitoxin. Persons natu

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dritis since it is a condition liable to be confused with

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positions it is necessary to remove the instruments

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cations must be directed post paid at two dollars a

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did for a time improve somewhat. Two cases have since operation passed

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done for the purpose of obtaining a specimen in order

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societies much greater accuracy could be attained and all undesirable names

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where Dr G. A. Doren would give a reception to members and visiting

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granular casts febrile reaction and uremic symptoms.

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to assist the physician to present s me applications of

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To the Editors of the Clevki and Journal of Medicine.

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ment of the heart without other assignable cause that is of the

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ease unless other tissues are involved or the glandular

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failure to properly digest the necessary amount of food

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amination including functional test and uranalysis

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from ulcer following operations for gastroenterostomy

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increase in the number of leucocytes later on occurs

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chronic bronchial affections but despite the clinical

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infrequent. The convalescence is unusually slow and

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elasticity of the pelvic floor and of the uterine ligaments will return the

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structor in the Laboratories of Clinical Medicine at

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ing their lives. As regards ophihalmia neonatorum I have seen cases in

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ing defective vision. Based upon the available statistics of these cases the

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